Summer Science Institute


Established in 2015, the Rhodes Summer Science Institute (RSSI) creates a network of support for students conducting summer research in the sciences. “Often times, as researchers, we get cooped up in our laboratory and concentrate on our research,” explains neuroscience major and past participant Rahul Peravali ’17.

Students meet once a week to discuss their work, hear about the work of other students, talk about science-related issues, take a field trip or two, and have snacks.

As an interdisciplinary program, RSSI is designed to let students know they are part of a larger, vibrant group of research students across the campus and to:

  • help them make connections with other students they might not know were on campus
  • let them develop and practice their speaking and presentation skills with periodic informal lectures on their work to science students from across disciplines
  • give them a chance to hear exciting, informal presentations from science students in other disciplines
  • engage in reflection with other science research students on the practice of science and research and the importance of their work in the greater fabric of their field
  • learn about the history of science in Memphis