Teaching ESL Abroad

Interested in Teaching English Overseas?

This list is not comprehensive, but it is a good start to begin looking for work.

Here are some warnings, from those who are in the field!

  1. If the job looks too good to be true, it generally is.
  2. Beware of "fairy dust" jobs: those that pay incredibly well in-country, but amount to little when trying to move away because of the actual currency value.
  3. "Dave's ESL Cafe" is a good place for ESL/EFL resources, but be cautious of the job boards there... they aren't monitored very well, which means that there are plenty of the kinds of jobs, mentioned above, posted there.
  4. TEFL certification is usually around $500 depending on the level of certification. Paying more for this is likely a scam, and be aware there are less expensive and reliable programs available.


  • Most jobs teaching English abroad require a TEFL Certificate, at least. (Beware of jobs that don't require this - make sure you do good research on the job, location, site, etc., to avoid being scammed.)
  • TEFL stands for "Teaching English as a Foreign Language."
  • The TEFL website offers a lot of information about becoming certified, what they do, and listings for jobs.

TEFL Certificate Course in Memphis

ConnecTEFL is a Memphis-based TEFL certificate program. Visit the ConnecTEFL site to learn more.

Other Job Boards

Here are some websites for teaching jobs abroad. As you will notice, many of the teaching jobs are located in Asia, but it's not exclusive to there. There will be more resources located in many regions to come in the following weeks.

State Department


JET Program


Teach Away

Teach Anywhere

Footprints Recruiting

Peace Corps


International Cooperative Exchange



Must be a paid member for this site, but there are a lot of options:

International School Services