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For Alumni

For Alumni looking to pursue a career

  • If you are starting to pursue a health profession please contact Dr. Jaslow or Dr. Snyder for access to the Rhodes HPA Moodle site for important resources.  Rhodes HPA is happy to work with you for as long as you need.

For Alumni who are health care practitioners (including veterinarians)

  • If you are a health care practitioner or veterinarian please come to our HPA Alumni-Current Student event on the Friday afternoon of homecoming weekend.  These have been great informal gatherings where you can meet your old friends at the start of the weekend and be a resource for our current students.  We’ve found students often will ask questions of you that they may not of us or their formal health care experience mentors.  They won’t expect letters from you and may be more willing to ask about having a family or dealing with a special condition or goal.  Even if it isn’t your homecoming, we’d love to have you at this HPA event.
  • Please email Dr. Jaslow or Dr. Snyder to let them know what you are up to professionally so that we can keep you in mind as a future resource
  • Please sign up for the Alumni directory and let the Alumni office know as well of your news.
  • If you are willing to offer shadow experiences or internships to our current students, they would be ever so grateful.  No doubt you remember how important these experiences were.  We have greater numbers of students than ever before pursuing health professions, so we are always in need of more experiences.  We have students going home nationwide, so wherever you are we would love your help.