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Useful URL′S And Other Resources For PreMeds

Useful URL’s and Resources for Medical School

Rhodes HPA Box Folder  
Campus specific forms and non-public information sheets are available here.  For current students only, use this link: For Alums, contact Dr. Jaslow or Dr. Snyder for documents needed.

AAMC Lists of Resources for Pre-med’s 
American Associate of Medical Colleges (Awards the MD degree)

AAMC’s list of links to all member medical schools

AAMC’s tables profiling the applicants and matriculants to Medical School from the previous year

AACOM Lists of Resources for Pre-med’s 
American Associate of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (Awards the DO degree)

AAMCOM’s Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine

Other useful sites
The Princeton Review has a nice discussion comparing different medical schools in terms of their programs and curriculum.

AMA site for MD practitioners

DO-Online site for DO practitioners

Next Generation: An Introduction to Medicine and Clinical Research
An on-line journal with lots of news and discussion of topics of interest for all looking at the future of Medicine and current discussions

AAMC′s Curriculum Inventory for insight on the methods of instruction at medical schools

Student Doctor Network  
web page portal of many useful forums and advice pages

One of their most useful resources is the forum on Interviews which provides many example questions to look at and comments from applicants who went on interviews at a specific medical school

They also have information set up as a tutorial on essay writing.

Warning about advice on this page.  These pages are one author’s opinion and in the case of posts, all from anonymous students.  There appears to be a bias toward students from California, and some very nervous types who spread not the best advice.  Use our advice, but use this site for how interviews and visit days went.

Lots of information about this test, lots of resources

Student essentials instructions what is on the test, types of questions, and examples

Tips on Registration for the MCAT 

Joint Degrees

MD/JD, MD/M.Ed, MD/MPH  and other combined MD degrees

MD/MBA, National Association of MD/MBA students

Summer Enrichment Programs and Biomedical Research Programs  
See the Community HPA Documents folder that lists some of the best portals, some individual sites, and how to search any year for all of these programs

AspiringDocs - the best portal for student of color and other underrepresented groups in Medicine   
Great web site for all, although Aspiring Docs came about as an initiative by the AAMC to increase diversity in the medical field.  Lots of links and advice

Rural Medicine  
Very thorough site discussing the need, problems and solutions to improve rural medicine  Great resource for students interested in rural medicine

An online magazine and assoc. for women in medicine.  Great discussions of problems, resources, and solutions for women in the workforce

PostBac programs  
Designed to help prepare BA or BS graduates to complete requirements for medical school, improve record, and otherwise become more competitive.  These programs can also lead to other health professions.  Please note, that any post-bac course work may do the same thing.  Some students get a Masters in an area of science instead.  Consult with advisors.  
Click here for one listing of programs

Financial aid   (talk with your medical school’s financial aid office)
FIRST  The AAMC initiative to help inform, plan, and succeed with paying for medical school

National Health Service Corps

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarships (HPSP)
Search for these linked from Army, Navy, and Air Force, individually.

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students