Bonner Scholars

Bonners Abroad!

Many Bonner Scholars participate on programs abroad, whether traditional study abroad programs, research opportunities or service projects. Take note of the policies below, and contact the Bonner Center for Faith and Service if you have any questions.

Insurance Policy for Bonners

To protect you and your family from financial strain in case you experience a serious illness or injury while abroad, Rhodes mandates that you are insured with a comprehensive health insurance plan through GeoBlue (formerly called HTH Worldwide), for the duration of your program. GeoBlue specializes in providing high-quality, affordable health insurance to US students abroad. Rhodes will enroll you in this policy and will charge your student account for the cost of the insurance.

Semester- or Year-Long Rhodes Programs or Exchange Programs

Bonner Scholars participating in a semester- or year-long Rhodes program or Rhodes exchange program may apply their Bonner award to their program fees on a case by case basis and after verifying that their necessary Bonner service hours will be completed on the program. This applies to European Studies, ISEP exchanges, and any of our bilateral exchange programs. 

Summer Programs

Bonner Scholars participating in a summer study abroad program will adhere to the following guidelines:

Bonner Service...

  • Must be accomplished in 2 of your 3 summers
  • Must be no less than 280 hours each summer, over no fewer than 7 weeks
  • Must be in summer service placements that meet the Community Service Definition listed in the Bonner binder
  • Must be disclosed to the placement site as a service project for which you are being paid by the Bonner Foundation, as conveyed in the Community Learning Agreement (applicable only if you are applying for a paid internship)
  • May count up to 8 hours per work day
  • May pay $1,500 per summer as summer earnings for a total of 2 summers

Additional Summer Bonner Policies: 

  • The summer earnings are payable to the student only after the completion of 280 hours.
  • Bonner Scholars are eligible to receive up to $2,000 total to cover summer living expenses. The summer living stipend is flexible, allowing Bonner scholars to use $1,000 each summer, or to use less one year and more the next (this is especially helpful for those who wish to do service abroad one year).
  • Rising seniors may apply for an additional $500 to support their summer service activities through the senior summer enrichment fund.
  • Bonner Scholars must submit a Summer Commitment Form, proposing the summer service, living, and travel budget, to the Community Service Coordinator for approval. Funds will be allocated after the Summer Commitment Form has been reviewed and approved. 
  • If you do not complete your summer service requirement during a particular summer, you will be asked to repay a portion of the summer living allowance that was allocated to you, prorated on the basis of the actual number of hours completed.