Featured Programs

Featured Programs 


Rhodes Summer Programs

On a Rhodes Summer Program, you can expect to be abroad or on a domestic off-campus program with your peers from Rhodes, taking Rhodes courses.  Rhodes College financial aid is not available for these programs; however, there are need-based scholarships for which you may apply.

European Studies

European Studies is a sixteen-week program offered jointly by Rhodes and The University of the South (Sewanee) that takes place from mid summer through early Fall. It is a full semester of study abroad and offers the unique experience of studying in a variety of locations in Europe.

Exchange Programs

On Exchange, a student is directly enrolled into a university in another country.  You'll be taking classes mostly with local students from that country, oftentimes in the native language.  The amount of student services available is quite different from what you're used to at Rhodes: exchange students are frequently most successful when they are prepared to be independent, outgoing problem-solvers who can be flexible and very determined to succeed at their coursework.