Need-Based Study Abroad Scholarships

Need-Based Study Abroad Scholarships

Every year, Rhodes offers a number of Need-Based awards for study abroad programs for the summer as well as for semester-long study.  These awards can be for Rhodes programs and non-Rhodes programs, though preference is usually given to Rhodes study abroad programs during the summer.  The scholarships are coordinated by the Buckman Center for International Education in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office.
Create your Need-Based Study Abroad Scholarship Application here.

  • Applicants must have at least a 2.75 GPA, unless otherwise specified.
  • Applicants must have a current FAFSA on file in the Financial Aid Office (When you file your FAFSA application, be sure to include Rhodes′ Title IV Code: 003519, to enable your FAFSA to be released to the Rhodes College Financial Aid Office).  You can find the FAFSA here:
  • Awards are usually given to rising juniors, though sophomores are encouraged to apply as well.

What you need to complete your application:

  • Current Financial Awards:  This document must be uploaded and can be found on Banner Web.
  • Proof Of Application:  This can be an acceptance letter, confirmation email, picture of application or any type of proof that you can upload that shows you have either applied and/or been accepted into your study abroad program.  This document must come from the program you have applied to (if you have applied to a Rhodes Maymester, this can be proof from your Rhodes application)
  • Scholarship Budget Worksheet:  You must fill out this document completely and upload it to your application.  The document can also be found inside the application once you have begun it.
  • Scholarship Questionnaire:  This questionnaire consists of questions regarding:
    • The name of your study abroad program
    • The name of the program provider (for Maymesters or European Studies this will be Rhodes College)
    • The city and country of your study abroad program
    •  The URL of the program website (for Maymesters and European Studies these will be Rhodes URLs)
    • Your most recent cumulative GPA from Banner Web
    • College honors, awards, and fellowships you have recieved.  In addition to this information you have the option to upload an updated resume if you so choose.
    • Memberships and activities you are currently involved in
  • Unofficial Academic Transcript:  This document must be uploaded and can be found on Banner Web.
  • Off-Campus Study Application:  This is a signature document for you to read and then sign stating that you have completed your Off-Campus Study Application in ADDITION to your need-based scholarship application.

SUMMER Scholarship Process

The Scholarship Application Process CLOSES December 1. 

  • Students with high amounts of need are urged to apply early, as the Summer Scholarship Application closes December 1.
  • Need based award amounts will vary, based on each student's individual FAFSA report. Some awards may cover as much as 100% of the program cost, though most applicants will receive less than that.
  • Students who applied for, but did not receive, need-based scholarships may withdraw their Off-Campus Study Application for a Rhodes Summer Program BY JANUARY15. Following January 15, Rhodes′ "Program Fees and Billing" Policy and Rhodes′ "Cancellation and Refund" Policy will apply.  Follow this link to review our Policies.
  • Any scholarship offered is contingent upon acceptance to and participation in a program from the Recognized Program/Providers List.

As part of your Need-Based Study Abroad Application, you will have to complete a Scholarship Budget Worksheet.  Please complete it and upload it to your application in the Rhodes Portal. 

SEMESTER Scholarship Process:

  • Scholarship and Fellowship applications for fall or academic-year programs are due February 15.
  • Scholarship and Fellowship applications for spring programs are due October 15.

To be considered for the Need-Based Scholarship, applicants must complete each of these items:
1.      Need-Based Scholarship Application through the Online Portal
2.      Off-Campus Study Application through the Online Portal
3.      Application to the program provider (if applicable)

*Note for Buckman Fellowship Applicants:

If you're also applying for the Buckman Fellowship for the same term off-campus, you only need to complete the Buckman Fellowship Application. Any Buckman applicant who is not awarded the Buckman Fellowship will automatically be considered for the Need-Based Scholarship. The same eligibility requirements, above, apply.