Research Abroad

Study, Research, Publish - Abroad! 

Rhodes students are encouraged to conduct research or independent study with an international focus, particularly when combined with an experience abroad.  Some study abroad program providers incorporate student research or independent study in the program’s design. Other programs are designed specifically for student research.

The following programs are examples of opportunities with a research focus:

Research Abroad with Rhodes Faculty Members

Rhodes faculty members conduct research every year, often incorporating students in their projects.  These projects can result in invitations to present the research at conferences in the States, or even internationally. 

When considering presenting at conferences, please work with your faculty member to register the proposed trip with Rhodes.  Both you and the faculty member will have a registration process to complete at least 30 days prior to your departure.  The process is outlined below:


Rhodes College International Travel Registration Policy requires all faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad for College purposes to register their travel with the Buckman Center.  Travel abroad for College purposes includes but is not limited to an international activity funded in any part by Rhodes College; which receives academic credit from Rhodes College; or in which the traveler represents the College.  Such activities include travel to conferences abroad, research abroad, volunteer abroad, or study abroad.
Travel registration is NOT an approval process.  The information on travel plans will remain private and is only connected to an individual in case of emergency.  Travel registration will enable the College to enroll the individual in Rhodes College approved travel abroad health insurance.  This coverage also includes emergency evacuation in the event of political instability or a natural disaster.
The Buckman Center will also request that the students register with the State Department's STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) and that students provide a Health Information Form.  These forms must be submitted to the Buckman Center at least 30 days in advance of departure.

  • Faculty and staff who are travelling abroad for other College purposes are registered once they have submitted a Faculty and Staff Registration Form for Non-Credit-Bearing International Program/Activity (PDF).
  • Students who are traveling abroad for other College purposes are registered once they have submitted a Student Registration Form for Non-Credit-Bearing International Program/Activity (PDF).