After Hours Classroom Use

We are happy to allow all of our students access to our learning spaces after regular class hours.  These rooms provide quiet study and work spaces that are valued by all.

This year we have seen an escalation in problems associated with this 24 hour access practice.  There have been over 50 instances of damage, broken connections, changed settings, or even rewiring of the technology in the smart classrooms.  By the time IT is notified and can get over to fix the problem classes meeting in these rooms (particularly early morning classes) are negatively impacted or even need to be canceled.  Because these classrooms are used heavily during the day, this problem may impact multiple classes each time.

We are working with the Social Regulations Council and Student Affairs to get word to everyone that altering the technology in a smart classroom or trashing a classroom is a violation of the community standards and will be addressed through the Social Regulations Council.

Please help us continue to offer you the best possible educational experiences by respecting both the technology and the academic spaces.