Registrar Information for Faculty


Instructions for Entering Grades via the Web

  1. Access BannerWeb.

  2. On your personal page, select “Faculty and Advisors.”

  3. The next menu lists several options. Click on “Midterm Grades.”

  4. Select the appropriate term and submit term.

  5. The next page gives you a pull-down menu of all the sections for which you have grading responsibility. Select the desired one from the menu and click “Submit CRN.”

  6. The next page is the class roster with the grade options in a pull-down menu. Simply scroll down to the desired grade for each student and click. Note that “W” grades are already entered and cannot be changed. Those grades should not be entered for any other student.

  7. Move down to the next student and continue down the entire class roster.

  8. When all grades have been entered for that section or at any time interval, click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the screen. There is a 15 minute “time-out” interval if you take a break and come back to the screen later. If you fail to “Submit” the grades will not be recorded in Banner.

  9. You may then select the next CRN using the menu at the bottom of the page or return to the CRN selection menu using the “Back” button.

  10. To complete your grade entries, click on the “Home” icon at the top of the web site, and then log off.