Provost Milton Moreland

Academic Affairs Staff



Dr. Milton Moreland, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, is the chief academic officer of the college and the “go-to person” for all matters that affect student learning at Rhodes. He is charged with enhancing the quality of undergraduate education through promotion of excellence in teaching, the development of scholarship, and close student-faculty interactions. In addition, he works with academic department chairs and interdisciplinary program directors in addressing curricular, personnel, and budgetary matters.
Dr. Moreland, professor of Religious Studies, has served as the director of the Rhodes Institute, chair of the Archaeology Program, and director of the Memphis Center at Rhodes College. He was the 2012 recipient of the Jameson M. Jones Award for Outstanding Faculty Service.
Since 1993, he has served as a Senior Field Supervisor at the archaeological excavation in Sepphoris, Israel. Dr. Moreland has also excavated in Cyprus and led study tours in Greece, Turkey, and Jordan. Currently he also directs excavations at Native American and Ante-bellum archaeological sites in Tennessee. He is the editor and contributing author of two books on the sayings of Jesus, and Between Text and Artifact: Integrating Archaeology in Biblical Studies Teaching (SBL, 2004). His publications also include essays on Roman Period Galilee, The Acts of the Apostles, and ancient Jerusalem. He served as the Chair of the Archaeological Excavations and Discoveries section of the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. 

Associate Provosts

Dr. Michelle Mattson 
Assists the Dean in determining, monitoring and projecting the faculty personnel profile and oversees annual evaluations of faculty and non-faculty persons who support the academic programs.
Dr. Brian Shaffer
Assists the Dean in all matters related to tenure and promotion.


Dr. Noelle Chaddock
Assists the Dean in all matters related to diversity.


Tiffany Baker Cox, J.D.
Title IX Coordinator


Brian Braskich
Director of Student Learning Assessment

April Allen
Administrative Assistant II


Leah Ford
Administrative Assistant II