Why Rhodes?

Become Essential

What does it mean to Become Essential? At Rhodes, it means you become an active, engaged member of the community. You contribute in the classroom discussions. You play a role in campus life. You connect with the city we are fortunate to call home. And you make a space for yourself in the world beyond Memphis and Rhodes. Becoming essential means that if you are not present, your presence is missed.

In the Classroom

Talk. Think. Question. Share. Surrounded by your classmates, under the tutelage of a professor who truly cares, you will find the classroom to be a safe place to grow personally and intellectually.

On Campus

On the nation's most beautiful campus, you'll soon have your own favorite spaces to spend time with friends, to study, or to just enjoy the view.

In the City

We know that Memphis is one of the coolest cities in the U.S. From entertainment to internship opportunites, our hometown will welcome you like no other.

Throughout the World

Memphis is just the first adventure of many that Rhodes can springboard you into. Your time here will prepare you to experience the world as fully as possible. We want you to not only explore professional possibilities but to start answering a bigger question: what role do you want to play in the world?