Chemistry: Assistant Laboratory Coordinator RSA

Department and Code: Chemistry - 981                                   

Immediate Supervisor: Dana Horgen

AsureForce Supervisor: Dana Horgen

Office Location: 303A Kennedy Hall        

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:

The student filling this position would work most closely with the current Lab Coordinator, while also assisting the Instrument Technician and Chemical Hygiene Officer. RSA will routinely help with the following tasks:Recommending student workers based on the applications submitted.Collaborating with the Lab Coordinator on lab procedures and instructions based on professor and TA feedback. Helping lab TA’s prepare for their work, i.e.meeting with them to go over the proper use of instruments or reviewing lab procedures.  Assisting the Lab Coordinator and Storeroom Manager in planning for and ordering of supplies and chemicals for the 8+different lab courses throughout the year, several of which contain many sections.  Assisting the Instrument Technician in planning for use of instruments within teaching labs and helping to develop/execute new protocols.Coordinating with the CHO to plan for generation and removal of hazardous wastes during lab courses.The responsibilities of the position include regularly scheduled weekly hours, one of which will be a standing meeting with the Laboratory Coordinator. The student would then use the remaining hours of the week to complete a series of weekly tasks, such as checking the proper set up of each lab room for each separate course, and semester-ly tasks such as gathering student tutor/SI/TA applications, coordinating student safety training, etc.

Minimum Qualifications

Successful completion of the chemistry sequence through Organic 2 lecture and lab.

Preferred Qualifications

The student filling this position would need to be a junior or senior who has already declared a Chemistry (preferred) or BMB major. Ideally the student would have already served as a Chemistry Department TA or have worked in the Chemistry Storeroom.

Physical Demands

The student would need to be able to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week to the position. This position might require some heavy lifting (25 lb) and frequent standing for long periods of time.