Grace Duarte de Baker, MSW, LCSW Assistant Director, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Bachelor of Science, Social Work, University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, CT
Master of Social Work, University of Connecticut, School of Social Work, Hartford, CT

Professional interests 
My professional interests, skills and involvement are rooted in the commitment to addressing the variables associated with human, linguistic and cultural diversity, social justice, empowerment, equity and inclusion.  As a bilingual and multicultural person, I have been a life-long learner of understanding and skill building around the impact of such barriers on children, adults, families and communities especially the most marginalized in our society.

Approach to therapy 
My therapeutic approach and application is collaborative and client centered.  I believe clients are experts in their own lives and the therapeutic space as an opportunity to help clients make choices that are integral to their culture, values, needs and wishes.  
Approach to Wellness 
I believe that wellness is the balanced development of the whole person rather than just the absence of a problem, a symptom or a circumstance.  I promote and model this belief by being aware of and actively considering the sum total of life experience and valuing the exploration and positive development of these areas for every person. 

Approach to Fun
I believe that our bodies cannot be healthy without play, our minds cannot heal without laughter and our soul cannot heal without joy.  Some of my favorite things to do for fun are spending time with my husband, who has an amazing sense of humor, playing with our two dogs, Pepper, and Charlie, who is disabled, and reading little-known international works of fiction, and writing my novel.