Intervention Study

This type of study is designed to see how participants (learners, teachers, parents) change and develop as a result of some type of intervention. The intervention could be a single event like a training session or a series of events like set of lessons given over several weeks. To determine how participants change and develop, data are obtained both before and after the intervention, usually with an identical survey/test. Unless designed with a control and experimental group with random assignment, the results must be interpreted with caution and the study should include a limitations section.

This study requires IRB approval.

Faculty who could oversee this kind of project: 
Cara Djonko-Moore

Research example:
The researchers examined the effectiveness of a vocabulary intervention designed to supplement research-based classroom vocabulary instruction, implemented with students who may be at risk for language and learning difficulties. 

Loftus, S. M., Coyne, M. D., McCoach, B., Zipoli, R., and Pullen, P. C. (2010) Effects of a supplemental vocabulary intervention on the word knowledge
of kindergarten students at risk for language and literacy difficulties. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 25(3), 124-136.