Narrative Based Research

A researcher examines and analyzes particular narratives as ways of knowing and sources for meaning-making informed by past literature.

This study does not require IRB approval unless the narratives/stories are from sources that create possible identifying information.

Faculty who could oversee this kind of project: 
Zac Casey, Laura Taylor

Research example:
Researchers analyze two stories of white people struggling to read themselves into Peggy McIntosh's conception of white privilege to explore the ways white privilege as a framework might work in oposition to antiracism.

Lensmire, T. J., McManimon, S. K., Dockter-Tierney, J., Lee-Nichols, M. E., Casey, Z. A., Lensmire, A., Davis, B. M. (2013). McIntosh as synecdoche: How teacher education's focus on white privilege undermines antiracism. Harvard Educational Review, 83(3), 410-431.