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English Language Support Tutor: Olivia Doty

Olivia Doty

Rhodes Student, Class of 2020

Olivia Doty is the Buckman Center English Language Support Tutor. She is available to help students with reading, writing, and conversational English.

Supervising English Language Support at Rhodes:

Erin Hillis, Associate Director of International Programs, PhD (Applied Linguistics)

Hello, students! I've been fascinated with ESL issues and language acquisition since 1995, when I took my first linguistics course as an undergraduate student. One PhD in Applied Linguistics and a Master's in English as a Second Language later, and you can see just how important I believe English language support is for everyone. Working with those who need English language support and non-native speakers of English is a favorite part of my professional and academic career. If you need anything, please let me know.