Faculty Film Requests

If you are faculty member, fill out the Request for Films for Classroom Use form. 

We can provide films from either (1) academic streaming services or (2) a collection of DVDs that are reserved for your classes, or (3) directly ordered from the publisher/copyright holder. 

Streamed films are mainly available via three academic streaming subscription services:


SWANK - Digital Campus

Academic Video Online (AVON)

If no academic streaming service options are available for requested films, faculty can:

  • Search the Barret Library DVD collection in the library catalog.  We will purchase an additional copy of a DVD if needed.  Faculty may check out the DVD, or place DVDs on reserve for student viewing. There are over 60 computers (and viewing/listening stations) in Barret Library for students to view DVDs.
  • Check for the assigned feature films on a personal streaming service (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.).  Many of our students already have access to one or more of these services.  Informally polling your students to determine how many have access to these personal streaming services might be successful.
  • Recently, some faculty members have required a subscription to a personal streaming service for film assignments for their students as they would for books or textbooks.

We occasionally purchase digital rights to films from other streaming services that we do not subscribe to or we might purchase the digital rights of a streamed film directly from the publisher or copyright holder.

We cannot provide films for use in classes from personal streaming services (e.g. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) or through Interlibrary Loan.

  • Personal streaming services do not offer institutional access for classroom use.
  • It is against copyright and broadcast laws to show films borrowed through Interlibrary Loan in class or to place them on reserve.

Links to streamed films (subscribed to or purchased) can be placed in your Moodle course or sent to students via email.

Read more information about our video policies and procedures (select "Self-Service Portal" and enter your Rhodes username and password).

If you have any questions, please contact help@rhodes.edu.