Faculty Marshals

The Faculty Marshals
The office of Faculty Marshal was first included among the Officers of the Faculty in 1950.  Prior to this time, a faculty committee, Public Functions, held the responsibilities subsequently given to the Marshals.  Professor John Henry Davis became chair of that committee in 1944 (having been a committee member prior to this time) and served until the change in 1950.  In 1950, both Professor Davis and Professor Joe Embry (a member of the committee) became the first Faculty Marshals, and the committee was disbanded.  In the intervening years, the following members of the Faculty have served as Faculty Marshals:

John Henry Davis  (1950-1969)
Joe Embry   (1950-1962)
Jack Russell   (1957-1978)
Charles Biggers  (1962-1964)
Emmett Anderson  (1964-1982)
Robert Amy   (1968-1985)
David Jeter   (1977-2007)
Allan Barnhardt  (1982-1998)
Donald Tucker  (1985-1998)
Diane Clark   (1994-2006)
Robert Entzminger  (1998-2001)
Bette Ackerman  (1999-2001)
Anita Davis   (2001-2008)
Mark W. Muesse  (2001-2014)
Susan Kus   (2007-2012)
Gail Murray (2012-2014)
Bette Ackerman (2008-2015)
Katheryn Wright (2014-2017)
Gary Lindquester  (2008-2018)
Katheryn Wright (2014-2017)
David McCarthy (2014-2019)
Steve Ceccoli (2018-2019)
Loretta Jackson-Hayes (2015-2022)
Leslie Petty (2017-present)
Eric Gottlieb (2018-present)
Carole Blankenship (2019-present)
Sujan Dan (2019-present)
Eric Henager (2023-present)

Appointment of New Faculty Marshals
At the present time, there are five Faculty Marshals.  When a position comes open among the Faculty Marshals, the remaining Marshals recommend a replacement to the Provost.  The Provost appoints any new Marshals.   
Any tenured or tenure-track member of the Faculty is eligible for appointment as Faculty Marshal.  Gender parity and divisional representation are considerations in selecting Marshals.   Length of distinguished service to the College and leadership in the work of the Faculty is also considered.
Term of Service
The term of service is undefined since the Marshals serve at the pleasure of the Provost or until retirement.
The Faculty Marshals:
•Serve on the Commencement Committee.
•Organize and lead the processions at the Opening Convocation, the Awards Convocation, Baccalaureate, Commencement, and other formal academic occasions.
•Supervise the arrangement of both the platform seating and the student seating sections at Baccalaureate and Commencement.
•Usher candidates on to the platform for the conferring of degrees at Commencement.
•Hood graduates prior to their leaving the platform at Commencement.
•Assist the President and others in the presentation of awards at Commencement.