Fitz Gerald Lab


We have used H2B::RFP to show a synchronous division of cells in the peripheral endosperm.  The endosperm acts as a conduit of nutrients for the embryo.

a man with a beard and glasses looks at sprouted plants
Dr. Jonathan Fitz Gerald






One of the agriculturally significant aspects of plant growth is seed size. This is largely determined by the development of the seed endosperm. Dr. Fitz Gerald′s work focuses on the Arabidopsis gene AtFH5, a formin involved in the development of the posterior endosperm. Using a combination of molecular biology, genetics and microscopy, his aim is to understand both the role of AtFH5 in endosperm development and the pathways that regulate AtFH5 expression.

slide of a developing seed
seed size an important agricultural trait
International Conference on Plan Molecular Biology
a student present her work on FIS gene regulation
a student presents her work on sibling competition
a student presents her work on CHR7 and CHR23
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