Language Learning Center

Surpervisor: Wonneken Wanske (


Location: Southwestern102


General Description of Position:

Students awarded a position in the Language Learning Center will have the opportunity to learn workplace skills while contributing to a diverse, multilingual atmosphere. Basic duties include but are not limited to:  assisting with promotion of events (i.e. helping to create and distribute flyers), maintaining department spaces, and various special projects.  Assistants must provide a professional level of service to all faculty members and Language Center visitors. This job will mostly require sitting at a desk using a computer, but the student employee may occasionally need to travel around campus to distribute office-related items. You may be asked to move files and/or boxes.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Interested in foreign languages
  • Able to work both individually and in collaboration with other team members
  • Organized, detail-oriented, and accurate in task completion


Below are some of the expectations of a LLC Employee:

  • Greeting Professors and Students. When working, please be aware of your surroundings. Greet professors and guests when they enter the room and see if they need any assistance. If desired, we can provide photos of professors so you can familiarize yourself with the faculty of this department. Address faculty as Professor unless they advise you otherwise.
  • Language Center Atmosphere. Be aware that our office is surrounded by faculty offices, the president’s office and students studying in the language center, and classes in the Language Center. Keep conversations at an appropriate and respectful volume.
  •  Checking the Language Center Space. Keep the space well stocked and in order. Alert departmental assistant to low supply levels. Check the recycle bins, the water in the coffee machine, the printer paper, make sure everything is stocked up, running, tidy and organized.
  • Tasks Assigned By the RSA. At any given time, there is likely an event being planned, or programming being organized by the RSA. The student workers are tasked with completing and collaborating on any projects the RSA assigns.
  • Collaboration with Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL) Office. The workers in the Language Learning Center work in collaboration with the MLL office on programming, public relations, and office tasks. The LLC workers are expected to assist the office should they need it, as designated by the departmental assistant.   



  • Missing work. If you need to miss work for any other reason, please let the RSA know 24 hours ahead of time to give them time to find someone who can cover your shift. If you experience sudden illness, please contact them as soon as possible. Disregard for this courtesy 3 times will be grounds for dismissal. You will be put on probation after the second time.
  • Attitude and presentation. working in this department means working in a professional and hopefully fun and relaxed environment. If you do not know what appropriate behavior is within the work environment, please ask and we can help you develop your professional interpersonal skills. We are here to prepare you for a bright and successful future! Please be mindful to dress and act appropriately for work.


Evaluation Procedure: The Language Center RSA will coordinate with the Language Center Director and the departmental assistant to complete yearly evaluations of the student workers performance.


Hours: 8-10 hours per week


Schedule: Flexible, but should occur during regular workday hours. These hours will be Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm, but the Language Center will occasionally host special events at night or weekends.


Hourly Rate: $7.25 - $7.70


Time Frame: All Year