Writing Fellowship

  • At the request of the Director of College Writing, Writing Fellows are nominated by faculty at the beginning of the Spring semester. Interviews and hiring take place mid-semester, and appointments begin the following academic year. Students from all majors may be nominated. Candidates will be notified by the Director of College Writing and, to be considered for the position, must submit a transcript (with a minimum 3.5 GPA), a writing sample, and a letter of interest. Two to five fellows are hired each year, and new fellows generally begin their fellowship with work in the Writing Center (2-4 hours/week). Returning fellows may be assigned to work with a section of the First Year Writing Seminar (~2.5 hours/week not to exceed 40 hours/semester). The pay rate is $10/hour.
  • Fellows working with a section of FYWS should plan—with the FYWS professor—what tasks will fulfill 40 hours. Typically, fellows read drafts, conduct conferences with students, assist in teaching a writing lesson in class, meet with FYWS faculty.

  • During the first semester of the fellowship, fellows must enroll in ENGL290 (4 credits) or ENGL465 (2 credits). This course is designed to teach you how to work with writers, generally, and how to respond to drafts, specifically.

  • Course Description:  In this interdisciplinary course, we will explore the myriad ways that students learn to write and how they write to learn. The readings and guest lecturers will offer theoretical frames from a range of fields, including composition and rhetoric, cognitive psychology, literacy studies, and education. As we consider this range of approaches to writing, learning, and teaching, we will focus especially on collaborative methods, as collaborative learning occupies an important place in Rhodes writing courses as well as in the Writing Center.

  • Contact: Rebecca Finlayson; Associate Professor of English; Director of College Writing