Biology: GIS Lab Supervisor RSA

Department and Code: Biology - 982                                   

Immediate Supervisor: Sarah Boyle  

AsureForce Supervisor: Sarah Hasty

Office Location: RT 204       

Number of Student Associates in Position: 2

General Description of Position:.


The GIS Lab RSA works in conjunction with another student RSA to provide assistance to the Rhodes community with GIS. The RSA assists with data collection, analysis, and GIS technical support. The RSA communicates regularly with the GIS faculty member in order to coordinate GIS Lab activities and projects. Although most of the work is completed in the GIS Lab, the student is expected to provide assistance during the GIS courses. It is expected that the GIS Lab Manager RSA works to improve their GIS skills throughout the year, in order to better assist the Rhodes community.

The RSA duties include:
•           Managing the day-to-day activities of the GIS Lab, under the supervision of the GIS faculty member
•           Working directly with students on projects and assisting them with the use of the GIS software
•           Working with faculty on both GIS projects and software issues
•           Coordinating with faculty to solve problems that occur in the GIS Lab
•           Preparing data for use by faculty and students
•           Attending the GIS class (INTD 225) and working with students from the class on assignments and projects
•           Encouraging the use of GIS on and off campus (advertising upcoming GIS courses, preparing posters and talks for the GIS conference held every November)

Minimum Qualifications


Students must have experience with ArcGIS software.

Preferred Qualifications


Students should be reliable, independent, and comfortable working with a range of faculty, staff, and students.