Bonner Center: City Lynx Coordinator

Department and Code: Bonner/CityLynx - 928 

Immediate Supervisor: Tiffany Ford  

AssureForce Supervisor: Tiffany Ford

Office Location: Bonner Center for Service, Burrow 421 Phone Extension: 3401

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1     

General Description of Position:

  • supervises the City Lynx Program, with support from Bonner interns and other office RSAs
  • serves as a liaison between Community Service Student Employment students, the Bonner Center Director, community partners, and other constituents of the program. 
  • plans student orientation and training in collaboration with Bonner Interns and other RSAs within the Bonner Center
  • assesses individual needs and interests of students in the program
  • checks in regularly with students in the program
  • monitors the effectiveness and success of individual student placements
  • tracks and reviews student timesheets, ensures timely submission, and submits to Payroll with the approval of the Bonner Director
  • collects and reviews mileage requests and submits them for approval to the Bonner Director
  • works on projects as assigned with other RSAs and Bonner Interns, including Welcome Week, Open Rhodes, and others.
  • generates student engagement reports
  • plans student meetings and social events
  • plans large scale volunteer efforts, panels, and educational meetings
  • other duties as requested


Minimum Qualifications

  • Skills required: proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Mail Chimp
  • Commitment to professionalism with external and internal partners
  • Current resume submitted
  • Sophomore or above who has been part of the City Lynx program
  • Letter of recommendation from a site supervisor from the City Lynx program

Preferred Qualifications

Strong organizational skills, knowledge of campus and community resources, punctuality, ability to manage multiple deadlines at one time

Physical Demands: any heavy lifting, moving heavy objects, or long periods of sitting or standing. Make sure your job description is as ADA friendly as possible. Does your job require maneuvering of stairs or other unique physical requirements?

Set up for office, campus, and community events may sometimes require transporting food, beverages, and supplies to locations both on and off campus.