Communications: Digital Assets Assistant RSA

Department and Code: Communications - 956                     

Immediate Supervisor: Jana Files      

Office Location: 138B Southwestern           

Phone Extension: 3873 

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:


•          downloading images supplied by outside photographers
•          managing the office’s digital photo gallery (Flickr)
o          key wording images
o          selecting images to retain
o          cleaning out image folders as they age
•          assisting with arranging and directing photo shoots
•          preparing images for publication using Photoshop
•          assisting RSA videographer with shoots, as requested
•          assisting in the preparation of digital video assets for final production
•          other general duties related to digital assets



Preferred Qualifications

Familiarity with Photoshop and Flickr

Physical Demands: any heavy lifting, moving heavy objects, or long periods of sitting or standing. Make sure your job description is as ADA friendly as possible. Does your job require maneuvering of stairs or other unique physical requirements?


Ability to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time