Communities in Conversation: Creative Programming RSA

Department and Code: Political Science/History - 984                      

Immediate Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Judaken           

AsureForce Supervisor: Jacqueline Baker

Office Location: Buckman 309                     

Phone Extension: 3818 

Number of Student Associates in Position: 2

General Description of Position:


The RSA’s (who will be titled Programming Associates) will be responsible for a variety of projects during the year. The mainstay of one RSA (titled the Creative Programming Associate) will include: writing press releases; helping develop marketing materials; creating dossiers as background research for WKNO NPR-for-the-Mid-South’s “Counterpoint” interviews and for upcoming visits by lecturers; investigating and reaching out to local community contacts for the purpose of networking and promoting CiC and other Rhodes events; maintaining the social network and web presence of CiC and other Rhodes’ related intellectual programming; and generally working to promote events in the CiC series on and off campus. The second RSA (presumably a more senior Associate, titled Administrative Programming Associate) will focus on the overall management of the series: its budget, annual reports, and continuing to establish its identity, especially off-campus (i.e. “branding”), as well as developing the lineup over subsequent years. Along with this work, some support for the academic research of the Spence L. Wilson Chair will also be a part of the responsibility of the RSAs.

Minimum Qualifications


The Wilson RSAs will need to have strong research and writing skills, knowledge and experience with social networking and other web-based tools, and awareness of the gamut of Rhodes student and administrative organizations.

Preferred Qualifications


Knowledge of kindred organizations in the broader Memphis community would be an attribute as well.

Physical Demands:


Minimal amount of heavy lifting or moving heavy objects – hand cart available to assist.
Rare, but occasional long periods of standing may occur when attending events. Need to be able to climb stairs and get about campus freely to distribute and/or post promotional materials, place and pick-up directional road signs around campus, and assist as needed for event set-up.