Curb: Curb Creative Projects Coordinator RSA

Department and Code: Curb Institute - 925

Immediate Supervisor: John Bass

Office Location: Harris Lodge

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:

The proposed position would work with the director of the Curb Institute, other Curb RSAPs, and community partners to serve as the creative manager of Curb related projects. As the institute has grown, more students have worked on creative projects. From filming and editing our house concerts to producing original audio recordings and archival projects, there is a need for student leadership in this area and the RSA program is immediately what I thought of to help provide support and create unique student experiences.  This person in this position would serve with other Curb RSAPs as a leadership team that would work with the Curb Director to create and adapt the vision of the Curb Institute through all of our projects and media in a consistent fashion. This person would also help oversee Curb fellows working on specific aspects or projects (A/V production, graphic design, website layout, etc.)

  1. Work with the Director of the Curb Institute, other Curb RSAs, and community partners to oversee the creative direction of Curb projects.
  2. Manage students working on creative projects for the Curb Institute, including:
    1. Filming and Video editing
    2. Audio recording
    3. Graphic design
    4. Archival and web design
  3. Oversee and assist with producing Audubon House concerts
  4. Work on projects in the student’s field of interest (A/V production, graphic design)
  5. Work with the Director of the Curb Institute, Curb RSAs, and Curb Fellows to strategize about the creative vision of Curb projects and endeavors.
  6. Meet regularly with the Director of the Curb Institute, Curb RSAs, and community partners.

Applicant Requirements

  1. 2.75 GPA
  2. Interest in Filmmaking, Audio/Video production, or graphic design strongly preferred (no preference given to major/minor)
  3. Experience and/or interest in learning about software and digital technologies related to the production and sharing of original work produced by the Curb Institute
  4. Desire to work with materials related to Memphis Music
  5. Ability to work independently and manage project-based assignments
  6. Interest in the mission of the Curb Institute

Physical Demands: any heavy lifting, moving heavy objects, or long periods of sitting or standing. Make sure your job description is as ADA friendly as possible. Does your job require maneuvering of stairs or other unique physical requirements?

 May require some moving of equipment.