Curb Institute: Digital Media Projects Manager RSA

Department and Code: Academic Affairs - 958        Other: Mike Curb Institute for Music

Immediate Supervisor: John Bass                  

Office Location: Harris Lodge                      

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:


The position works with the director of the Curb Insitute, the director of Special Projects, and staff from Library and Informaiton Technology to manage archival projects and digital media for the institute. Specific responsibilities include:

1. Work with the Director of the Curb Insitute, Director of Special Projects, and staff from Library and Information Technology to manage archival projects related to Memphis Music and the Curb Institute.
2. Assist with the finding and acquisition of matierals for the Curb Digital Archive
3. Oversee and assist with processing matierals for inclusion in the Curb archive
4. Oversee the redesign of the Curb Digital Archive in conjunction with other online Curb projects
5. Oversee the creation and implementation of archival projects and exhibits through the Curb Institute.
6. Work with the Director of the Curb Insitute, Curb RSAs, and Curb Fellows to strategize about how the archival work done by the institute works with other Curb projects and endeavors.
7. Meet regularly with the Director of the Curb Insittue, Director of Special Projects, and staff of Library and Information Technology and serve as a liason between them and faculty from academic departments wishing to work with the Curb Institute on archival projects.

Minimum Qualifications

2.75 GPA

Ability to work 10-15 hours a week

Preferred Qualifications

1.Interest in Library Science, Informaiton Technology, or archival work strongly preferred (no preference given to major/minon)
2. Experience and/or interest in learning aobut software and digital technologies related to archival work (in both processing and sharing)
3. Desire to work with materials related to Memphis Music
4. Ability to work independently and manage project-based assignments
Interest in the mission of the Curb Institute


Physical Demands: any heavy lifting, moving heavy objects, or long periods of sitting or standing. Make sure your job description is as ADA friendly as possible. Does your job require maneuvering of stairs or other unique physical requirements?


Some moving of chairs, walking and hanging posters around campus, and standing during events.