Language Center: Curricular and Technology Support RSA

Department and Code: Language Center                          

Immediate Supervisor: Catherine Sundt

Supervisor Email:

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:

The Curricular and Technological Support RSA will provide instructional and curricular support to the Language Center, MLL and AMS faculty, and students enrolled in language classes. In conjunction with the Language Center RSA for Administration and Management, they will report to the Language Center director and manage issues related to teaching, learning, and technology.


1. Supervising the physical space of the LC including the smartboard and screens, the furniture, the physical resources, and the use of the space by majors, minors, and international students

2. Provide instructional and curricular support for the language center and MLL and AMS faculty, as well as students enrolled in language classes.

3. Test and evaluate new resources and technologies for the language center and thus for language faculty and students.

4. Acquire new technology and train faculty in their use, including workshops/demos

5.Assist professors in classes in a teaching assistant capacity if needed

Minimum Qualifications:

•Technical skills, including working knowledge of Windows OS, Office, Adobe, printers/copiers, web site maintenance/design, and Smart Boards

•Curiosity and interest in researching and implementing new technologies

•Ability to interact professionally with faculty, students, and staff

Preferred Qualifications:

•Knowledge of a language other than English is not necessary, but a plus

Physical Demands:

•There is some movement required, e.g. to run errands, to rearrange the language center furniture or to reposition items, such as computers, monitors, cables, etc.