Physical Plant: Environmental Coordinator - Recycling RSA

Department and Code: Physical Plant - 963

Immediate Supervisor: Tim Lucas

Office Location: Physical Plant

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:

The Environmental Coordinator-Recycling coordinates all recycling activities campus-wide.  Activities include collecting recycle items such as cardboard, paper, plastic, cans, bottles, and glass from academic buildings and residence halls.  Collection of recycle materials greatly reduces our trash removal costs, and helps prevent items from entering into landfills. Our sustainability is enhanced, and CO2 emissions reduced through the efforts of our RSA to communicate, encourage, and promote the recycling program.  Student involvement and participation are keys to the success of the program, and future operation.   The Environmental Coordinator-Recycling provides the leadership for this student-run program, and this position is essential for maintaining the program at the current level.  This RSA is a link between the recycle program and the student body.  Time has been spent communicating with different student groups to promote recycling in the residence halls.  The RSA has also represents the Rhodes Recycle Program at different campus events attended by students, faculty, and staff.  The RSA is also responsible for promoting the Recycling on campus with signage and other marketing ideas.

Minimum Qualifications

Qualified for the RSA program at Rhodes

Physical Demands: any heavy lifting, moving heavy objects, or long periods of sitting or standing. Make sure your job description is as ADA friendly as possible. Does your job require maneuvering of stairs or other unique physical requirements?

Some heavy lifting required, maneuvering of stairs required as well