Summer Student Employment - Institutional Research

Department and Code: Strategic Initiatives - 957

Immediate Supervisor: Jill Triplett Ellis 

Office Location: Southwestern

Phone Extension:3296

Position Title: Institutional Researcher

Number of Student Associates in Position: 2

General Description of Position: This position will work with information services to gather, research, and assess data concerning the college. Specific position duties could include: Querying institutional reporting systems using SQL and/or Microsoft Access. Statistically analyzing institutional data to find important patterns and correlations. Determining what questions we as an institution ought to be asking ourselves and what additional data we would need to answer those questions, and proposing how we might collect and illustrate that additional data.

Minimum Qualifications: Aptitude with mathematics and statistics. Interest in research. Reliable and responsible student. Attention to detail. Ability to analyze problems and translate ideas into written plans/solutions

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with Microsoft Access or SQL preferred but not necessary.

Physical Demands: None, long periods of sitting with screen time.