Theater Department-- Costume Crew

Immediate Supervisor: Kevin Collier 
Office Location: McCoy 128

General Description of Position: 

Work with McCoy costume shop supervisor Laura Perkins:
• to take measurements of actors for sizing    
• to construct costumes for productions    
• to assist during fittings    
• to make repairs to costumes during production runs as needed    
• to launder costumes during production runs as needed      
• to catalog and store costumes during strike
Maintain the McCoy costume shop inventory and equipment.

Minimum Qualifications:

Ability to work under pressure

Preferred Qualifications:

Working knowledge sewing machines and basic manual sewing skills. Ability to read and apply sewing patterns to practical realization of end product

Physical Demands: 

This work will primarily consist of building set pieces for productions and arranging seating platforms around the playing area. Expect heavy lifting, long periods of standing, and some weekend work