Advisory Boards

Faculty/Staff Title IX Advisory Board

Title IX photo.jpg

Pictured from left to right: Patty Sterba, Ike Sloas, Claire Shapiro, Kait Harris, Rob Dove, Larryn Peterson, Lynn Conlee, Christine Fox, Alicia Golston

*Please note that all faculty and staff, except the Counseling Center, Health Services, and the Chaplain are mandatory reporters.

Student Title IX Advisory Board

STIX Photo.jpg

Pictured from left to right, starting in the back row: Corbin Eilmes, Matthew Smith, Connor Marshall, Abby Watkins, Dominik Booth, Sakura Horiuchi, Emma Taylor, Sara Weeks, Anne Healy, Merit Pinker, Catherine Owen, Molly Mulhern, and Maggie Myers

*Please note that Peer Advocates and Resident Advisors are mandatory reporters. Students in these roles have been marked with an asterisk.