FAQ for Welcome Week Advising

Welcome Week Advising Q&A

Q1) Who is a liberal arts adviser?

If you received emails about liberal arts advising this year from the Chair of the Academic Advising Committee, then you are advising the incoming cohort this year. Please note that these emails are not to all faculty.

Q2) What is a faculty member expected to do for welcome week advising?

Faculty will meet with their liberal arts advisees (aka incoming first-year students) twice:

Group Meeting with New Advisees
Friday, August 18 1:00-2:30 PM

  • This meeting will be conducted in person. You will have an assigned meeting room. 
  • You can find your advisees’ emails by logging into Workday and typing your advisee's name in the Search Field. Click on the student's name to view their profile. Once on their profile, click on the envelop icon below the student's name to display their email address.

 Individual Meeting with New Advisees
Monday, August 21 (anytime between 8:00 am- 3:00 pm)

  • Please schedule these meetings with your advisees individually during or after your group meeting.
  • These meetings will be in your office so provide your advisees with the location/zoom link in your group meeting.

Q3) What is the “Group Meeting” about?

  • In essence, it’s about establishing an advising relationship wherein students know they can turn to you for mentorship but also know that ultimately the responsibility to make and follow-up on decisions is theirs.
  • Review the guide to group meetings for more helpful advising tips. 

Q4) What are the “Individual Meetings” about?

  • Beyond getting to know your advisees better and talking to them about the anxieties of being a first-year student, the more practical goal of this meeting is to finalize their Fall schedules.
  • You can find your advisees’ Fall schedules by logging into Workday and typing your advisee's name in the Search Field. Click on the student's name to view their profile. From there, click on the Academics link on the left-side menu. You will then click on the Current Courses tab on the top right side of the screen. This will display your advisee's courses for the semester. 
  • Please note that regular add/drop will start July 24 through Workday.
  • Refer to preparing for your first advising meeting, and the advising strategies page to get more helpful tips.
  • You can review information on your new advisees by following these instructions: https://sites.rhodes.edu/sites/sitesd8/files/academicsupport/advising%20resources/01f%20Information%20on%20Your%20Advisees.pdf

Q5) Who can faculty turn to for help with advising during the semester?