Gender and Sexuality Studies Symposium

title card for GSS Symposium

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Symposium has created this digital archive to celebrate and showcase student work in Gender and Sexuality Studies. A call was made for submissions oriented around gender and sexuality or that centered a feminist, queer, trans, and/or non-binary perspective, including academic essays, posters, artwork, performances, podcast, digital media, activism projects, and more. 

The 18th Annual Gender and Sexuality Studies Symposium 

And (New!) Digital Archive

Unveiling:  April 21, 2021, 5:15pm

Program (PDF)

Imaginary Panels

Panel 1:  Screen Media & Identity

Kaylan Freeman, “When the Curtain Closes: Trans Identity on Screen” (faculty sponsor, Prof. Rashna Richards)

Sawyer Bay, “Bugis Street: Analyzing Queer Cinema and Space” (faculty sponsors, Profs Shaolu Yu and Joy Brooke Fairfield)

Patrick Grooms, “It’s Just the Right Amount of Girly”: Representing Women and Queer People in the Musical Film Prom” (faculty sponsor, Prof. Vanessa  Rogers)

Tara Fredenburg, “Queer Life Is Tragic” (faculty sponsor, Prof. Rhiannon Graybill)

Panel 2:  Queer History/The History of Queerness

Grace Files, “Lavender Menace: A Project Exploring Lesbianism Throughout History” (Faculty Sponsor, Prof. Ari Eisenberg)

Paige Sheffield, “An Examination of the Differences in Persecution for Same-Sex Sexual Activity:  The Importance of Gender Roles in Nazi Germany” (faculty sponsor, Jeff Jackson)

Panel 3:  Politics, Ethics, and Activism

Mohammed Hyder:  Gender as Function: A Radical Human Category (faculty sponsor, Prof. Rebecca Tuvel)

Sage Martin, “Intersections of the Environment, Structural Racism, and Sociopolitical Change" (faculty sponsor Kimberly Kasper)

Hannah Milburn, (Abstract) “Transgender Youth and Mental Health Disparities” [Literature review completed as part of a larger research study for the Family Support for Sexual and Gender] (faculty sponsor Prof. Joshua Goodman)

Panel 4:  Bodies that Matter: Assemblages, Futurity, and Liminality

Brooke Lever, “Infection, Liminality, and the Internet Anon as a Para-Social Alien: How 4Chan Defined a New Digital Queerness” (faculty sponsor, Prof. Rhiannon Graybill)

Kaylan Freeman, “Sometimes Rolling Stones Gather Moss: Liminality and Queer Intimacy” (Profs. Shaolu Yu and Joy Brooke Fairfield)

Grace Files, “Abandoning Gormenghast: Titus Groan as a Queer Figure Against Reproductive Futurity” (Prof. Rhiannon Graybill)

Madison Zickgraf, “A Radical Reading of Cixous: A Body of/at Work” (Faculty Sponsor, Prof. Gordon Bigelow)

Visual Gallery

Marley Wisby, paintings (faculty sponsor, Prof. Erin Harmon)

Chloe Christion – Short Film (faculty Sponsor, Prof. Evie Perry)

Rubie Loman, My Reflective Flesh (after Jenny Saville), (faculty sponsor, Prof. Erin Harmon)