Language Center: Language Center RSA

Department and Code: Language Center - 995                      Other: Click here to enter text.          

Immediate Supervisor: Wonneken Wanske    Other: Christy Waldkirch

AsureForce Supervisor: Waldkirch and Wanske

Office Location: Southwestern 102  Phone Extension: 3973  Position Title: Curricular Support RSA     

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1


General Description of Position:

The Language Learning Center (LLC) Student Associate acts as a liaison between the Modern Languages and Literatures and GRS faculty, work study students at the LLC, and the general body of students who use the LLC facilities and services. The following are the LLC RSA responsibilities:

1.  Reports directly to and completes tasks assigned by the LLC Director.

2.  Supervises LLC work study students:
-- makes work study schedules to maintain regular operation of the LLC;
-- trains work study students and informs them of their duties at the beginning of the academic year (e.g., training in office etiquette, instructing on usage of LLC equipment, informing of equipment check-out procedures);
-- delegates tasks and assignments throughout the year;
-- evaluates work study students at the end of the year.
3. Oversees the daily tasks that need to be completed in the LLC:
-- maintains contact with IT to report problems with equipment and request assistance when needed;
-- makes sure there are sufficient quantities of office supplies in the LLC (either by placing order personally or through the LLC Director) and assisting in technological additions to the LLC
-- maintains up to date information within the center, including but not limited to posters for events, tutoring, and maintaining the PowerPoint
-- schedules classes and events in the LLC

--provide fob access to majors and minors in the languages

4.  Cooperates closely with the LLC Director in: 
-- organizing work on various projects for the MLL and GRS faculty
-- organizing events related to the department involving student participation (Day of the Dead Celebration, international photo contest, faculty research showcases, study break events for students during midterms and finals, etc.)
-- working on visual presence of the LLC on campus (flyers, facebook, etc)
-- making projected budgets for work study and participating in selecting, interviewing, and training candidates for RSAP and work study positions in the LLC for the next year.

5.  At the request of the LLC Director, the RSA communicates with the MLL & GRS chair, faculty, and secretary about on-going projects and issues, solicits requests and input, as well as reports results of projects/research to the MLL & GRS faculty.

-- will also provide support to the Modern Languages and Literatures office if necessary


6. Supervises the language tutors:

-- organizing the hours of all the tutors in the center

-- holding an orientation workshop for the tutors to prepare them for their semester

Minimum Qualifications

excellent time management

leadership and initiative
basic computer skills; scanning; basic knowledge of video and DVD equipment
event planning

Preferred Qualifications

knowledge of a language other than English is not necessary, but a plus; Web-page maintenance knowledge

Physical Demands:

There is some movement required, e.g. to run errands, to rearrange the language center furniture or to reposition items, such as computers, monitors, cables, etc.