Students posing in a photo booth

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The Rhodes College Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a student-led organization which seeks to create an atmosphere of acceptance and respect for all students on this campus, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and to promote the awareness of sexuality and gender issues through education and activism. We hope to provide a community of friendship and support for queer-identifying students, as well as a forum for the discussion of issues relating to gender, sexuality, and the LGBTQ community. 

The GSA meets every week.  Last year, meeting topics ranged from a discussion of trans identity to a viewing and discussion of Philadelphia in conjunction with free HIV testing on campus.  We also host and co-sponsor a number of other events on campus, including a week of events organized around National Coming Out Day, a Fly Your Colors picnic with kites, and a bake sale to support the Vagina Monologues. Email GSA President Brooke Lever ( for more information.