Safe Zones

Safe Zones serve as a source of support and information, free of judgment and hostility. They display the Safe Zone logo to indicate that they have completed Safe Zone training and have signed a contract expressing their commitment to Safe Zone policies and procedures. Safe Zones are also expected to challenge assumptions and prejudices related to sexual orientation and gender and to address heterosexist comments or behaviors in an educational and informative manner.

The Safe Zones Manual

Goals of the Safe Zone Program:

  • To increase the campus community’s understanding and awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning/queer (LGBTIQ) issues
  • To provide a greater sense of safety for the LGBTIQ student community
  • To offer information to straight allies of LGBTIQ people.
  • To act as a resource for information related to combating homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia and other LGBTIQ misinformation and misconceptions

Safe Zones at Rhodes:

  • Between 5-7 Safe Zone training sessions facilitated by the Campus Counseling Center take place during each school year
  • Safe Zones include faculty and staff members and students who participate in such organizations as Residence Life, the Peer Advocate Center and the Gay-Straight Alliance
  • As of the 2019-2020 school year, 160 faculty and staff are Active Safe Zones
  • A total of 719 Safe Zones have been trained since the beginning of the program
  • In addition to being allies for individual LGBTIQ students, Safe Zone participants attend a series of Brown Bag Lunch sessions throughout the school year to foster discussion around issues such as being transgender in college, coming out to friends, family and parents, and dealing with homophobia and heterosexism on campus

LGBTIQ Resources

Do you have questions about the Rhodes Safe Zone program? Contact Pam Detrie for more information!

Active Faculty and Staff Safe Zone List

Alan Jaslow

Amy Benson

Amy Jasperson

Amy Risley

Anjeanette Johnson-Tiamiyu

Aixa Marchand

Bayly Wheeler

Becky Klatzkin

Bernadette McNary-Zak

Brian Ray

Brooke Schedneck

Carolyn Jaslow

Catherine Sundt

Charles Hughes

Chien-Kai Chen

Chris Wetzel

Courtenay Harter

Clara Pascual-Argente

Dan Blustein

Darlene Loprete

Daryl Stephens

David Kabelik

David Mason

David McCarthy

Elizabeth Bridges

Elizabeth Thomas

Eric Gottlieb

Erin Dology

Erin Harmon

Esen Kirdis

Evan Williams

Evelyn Perry

Geoff Maddox

Gregory Vieira

Jeanne Lopiparo

Jeff Jackson

John Bass

Jon Russ

Jonathan Fitzgerald

Jonathan Judaken

Joseph Kelly

Judith Haas

Kathleen Doyle

Karl Erickson

Katie White

Kelly Dougherty

Kelly Weeks

Kendra Hotz

Kevin Collier

Kimberly Brien

Kimberly Kasper

Larryn Peterson

Laura Taylor

Lori Garner

Lorie Yearwood

Luther Ivory

Marcus D. Pohlmann

Marsha Walton

Mary Miller

Matt Weeks

Michael Collins

Michael Drompp

Michael LaRosa

Miriam Clinton

Natalie Person

P. Eric Henager

Phillip Kirlin

Rachel Dunwell

Rebecca Finlayson

Rebecca Tuvel

Renee Johnson

Rhiannon Graybill

Rosie Meindl

Sarah Boyle

Sarah Gray

Sarah Rollens

Scott Newstok

Shaolu Yu

Steve Haynes

Susan Kus

Susan Satterfield

Tim Huebner

Tom Bremer

Tyler Lefevor

Vanessa Rogers

Victor Coonin

Wonneken Wanske

Xose Pereira Boan

Zachary Casey

Ali Hamilton

Alicia Golston

Amanda Ford

Amy Moen

Antoinette Ferrell

April Brasfield

Aretha Milligan

Arlinda Fair

Beatrix Weil

Bill Short

Brian Braskich

Brittney Jackson

Chelsea Cordes

Danielle Donze

DeAnna Adams

Destini Jones

Dominick Sarappa

Elisha Vego

Erin Hillis

Felicia Knox

Haley Alsaffar

Jamia Stokes

Jessi Wilson

Ira Lawson

Iris Mercado

Isabel Wittman

Jana Files

Jeff Cleanthes

Jenn Tinnell

Jenna Goodloe Wade

Jessica Kelso

Jessie Jones

Jim Ryan

Jo Gibbons

Joel Parsons

Judy Pierce

Kandra Kolehmainen

Kenan Padgett

Kerry Connors

Kim Bennett

Kimberlee Small

Kristen Hunt

Laura Kelly

Leigh Powell

Liz Moak

Lydia Spencer

Mac Trammell

Megan Starling

Melissa Butler

Melissa Campbell

Melody H. Richey

Michael Milligan

Mike Clary

Nicki Soule

Olivia Fowler

Olivia Gacka


Pam Detrie 

Piyush Kumar

Rodney Rogan

Sandi George Tracy

Scott Garner

Shantih Smythe

Sherry Sasson

Stephanie Cage

Stephanie Chockley

Taylor Morris

Terry Boone, Jr.

Tiffany Ford

Tracy Patterson

Tyler Cempre

Wendy Trenthem