Admissions: Admissions Campus Programs RSA

Department and Code: Admissions - 971                             

Immediate Supervisor: Megan Starling         

AsureForce Supervisor: Megan Starling

Office Location: Burrow 242

Phone Extension: 3225 

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:


This position helps plan and execute special programming offered by Admission.  In addition to coordinating multiple visit days for interested families, this position designs and manages specialty visits for top scholars and affinity groups.  The position requires interaction with faculty, staff and students and families who are guests of Rhodes.  Event planning and hospitality are important aspects of this position. Responsibilities include preparation but also hands-on involvement during the program.

Minimum Qualifications


Current Rhodes student. Proficient with Word, Excel and Outlook.

Preferred Qualifications


Organized, creative, good time management skills, works independently, able to correspond professionally, good communication skills, good with details, effective problem solver, comfortable taking charge of a situation or group of people, well-connected on campus

Physical Demands


This position requires a lot of mobility.  Student must be able to walk all of campus multiple times in 1 program.  Computer work is also required.  No heavy lifting.