Art: Art Studio Coordinator RSA

Position Title: Art Studio Coordinator

Department and Code: Art and Art History - 999

Immediate Supervisor: David McCarthy

AsureForce Supervisor: David McCarthy

Office Location: 418 Clough

Phone Extension: 3663

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:

The RSA will be responsible for managing all studio spaces and assisting in the proper communication and implementation of health and safety standards including updating chemical inventories, overseeing the procurement and maintenance of relevant SDS sheets for each distinct studio space, assisting with the disposal of hazardous materials,. Additionally, they will prepare studios for classes by keeping essential equipment functional; (sinks, easels, projectors) reconfiguring equipment and furniture as needed, maintaining tools and consumable materials and communicating with faculty when items must be restocked. They will assist in material distribution and preparation, and other duties as requested by Art Department faculty and staff. The RSA will hire, train, and supervise several Studio Technician student workers. The RSA will use Basecamp, project management software, to assign and track tasks assigned to the student workers.