Buckman: Study Abroad RSA

Department and Code: International Programs - 949            

Immediate Supervisor: Elin Ovrebo      

Supervisor Email: ovreboe@rhodes.edu

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1

General Description of Position:

The RSA for Study Abroad is responsible for organizing study abroad events and panels to educate students about the study abroad process. This position also includes working on new ideas to engage those who have either studied abroad upon their return, or those interested in beginning a search to study abroad. Other responsibilities of this position include managing Rhodes Global Delegates (RGDs), managing the Rhodes Study Abroad media sites, and engaging with other student groups on campus to promote the Buckman Center.

The RSA position with Study Abroad is an absolutely essential position for Rhodes College as the RSA stands as a relatable student who has been through the process before and can view the department from the student's perspective.  The office must successfully instill a desire to study around the world, then assure students it is academically, economically, and socially possible, and lastly help with pre and post departure questions and needs.  The RSA helps in each part of this process.  Whether it is the development of special projects, new events, or re-branding the online presence, the RSA helps the office perform its tasks in an approachable, personal, and exciting fashion.  Ideally, this process benefits both the Buckman Center as well as the college as a whole. Overall, the RSA position with the Buckman Center is not only a needed function, but also an appreciated opportunity for education and experience.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience studying abroad is critical to understand the position of those we are working with, as well as passing on a shared passion for studying abroad. 

Preferred Qualifications

Studying abroad through Rhodes (not limited to studying on Rhodes programs, but having studied abroad while a Rhodes student) is preferred as it gives the student an in depth understanding of applying through our Rhodes Portal.  The student is also likely to know more about the financial aid available for specific programs as well as Rhodes scholarships and aid.

Physical Demands

The position does not have any physical demands. It does not require heavy lifting, long periods of sitting/standing, or other physical requirements.