Chaplain's Office



Beatrix Weil (

Burrow Hall, 4th Floor

Job Description

- Maintain scheduled office hours and assist with the daily office operation as determined by supervisor.
- Complete projects as needed (for example, creating a carpool system for attending worship services off campus)
- Type correspondence, entering data/computing
- Create publications (fliers, brochures, etc.) 
- Post fliers around campus 
- Assist with the organization and inventory of Interfaith Lounge/Prayer Area supplies and resources
- Assist with campus life events
- Run errands for the Chaplain's Office
- Help plan, run, and assess Chaplain's Office events (for example, Ask the Black Preacher, Ask the Pagan Priest, LGBTQIA+ Affirmation Party, UNhappy Holidays). 

Required Education

- Continuing student at Rhodes College.

Pay Rate

8.25 - 8.85 per hour

Preferred Qualifications

- Be able to work 7- 10 hours a week. 
- Someone who wants to work with on campus programs and demonstrate curricular involvement. 
- Seeking someone who has a positive attitude, demonstrates flexibility, and is a team player.

Physical Demands

- The physical demands of this position can be mutually agreed upon between the supervisor and the employee.