CityLynx Program: Bonner Center for Service

Immediate Supervisor: Bailey Myers, Community Partner(s)

Other Supervisor 

Location: Community Partners in Memphis (Bonner Center for Service – 2nd Floor HR Building, West Campus)

Pay rate: 9.05 - 9.65 per hour

General Description of Position:

The CityLynx work-study program gives students the opportunity to engage in meaningful service in the Memphis community while getting paid through their financial aid package. CityLynx students have worked with a variety of Memphis partners – from Refugee Empowerment Program, to the Humane Society or Memphis Animal Services, to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital/ALSAC.

Students will also attend required monthly reflection meetings with other service students to engage in discussion about service, social justice, and leadership. Additional application *required* for this program.

Minimum Qualifications:

Incoming or continuing student at Rhodes College; excellent communication skills; ability to work both in team and individual environments (be able to take initiative); flexible and hardworking attitude.  Must have an award of Federal Workstudy.

Preferred Qualifications:

To be determined based on the needs of Community Partners.

Physical demands:

Occasional lifting and additional demands to be determined based on the needs of Community Partners.