Development: Event and Stewardship RSA

Department and Code: Development - 954                           

Immediate Supervisor: Nancy Mencke                     


Number of Student Associates in Position: 2

General Description of Position:

This position is so very important to the Development Office.  The student holding this position provides vital support in making sure that donors are being thanked appropriately for their support of the college in various ways.  Below are just a few of the responsibilities of this position.
•           The collection of donor thank-you letters and photos from students who study abroad in the summer, spring and fall. Items received must be proofed, printed, and mailed to donors. "Student bio sheets" for donor reports are also created and included.
•           The planning and execution of a "thank-you letter writing event" for students who receive donor funded scholarships through their Rhodes College financial aid. The letters received from scholarship recipients will be collected, organized and mailed to donors.
•           The creation of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for tracking and organizing students who receive donor funded scholarships, internships, and fellowships.
•           The planning of student/donor lunches.

Preferred Qualifications

Must have excellent verbal and written communication abilities, strong organization skills, and be proficient with Microsoft Office programs.