Environmental Studies/Science: Environmental Studies and Sciences RSA

Department and Code: Environmental Studies/Science

Immediate Supervisor: Sarah Boyle

Supervisor Email: boyles@rhodes.edu

Position Title: Environmental Studies and Sciences RSA           

Number of Student Associates in Position: 1 


General Description of Position

The Rhodes Student Associate for Environmental Studies and Sciences will gain valuable professional skills in managing projects, creating materials for the Rhodes community, and learning more about topics related to the environment and sustainability. The Environmental Studies & Sciences Student Associate will work to increase environmental-focused collaboration and communication across campus. The Student Associate will provide support for the Environmental Studies & Sciences (ENVS) Program by helping to maintain lists of resources for environmentally-focused activities on- and off-campus, generate content for the website and social media, and assist with campus events. The Student Associate will engage with members of the ENVS Program, student groups, and the Rhodes Sustainability Working Group (which consists of staff, faculty, and students). In consultation with their supervisor, the Student Associate will engage in an environmentally-focused campus project.



The RSA will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date list of environmentally-focused groups and opportunities, including academic opportunities via coursework, internships, research, etc.
  • Drafting content (e.g., summarize upcoming events/opportunities) for distribution via social media and the website
  • Providing support for environmental events on campus (e.g., determine dates that would suit people’s schedules, collaborate with various groups to have no-waste or low-waste events)
  • Directly participating in a research project that assesses an environmental topic on campus


Minimum Qualifications

  • Strong interest in environmental topics and sustainability
  • Strong interest in working with an interdisciplinary team
  • Strong organization skills
  • Strong communication skills (written and oral communication)
  • Ability to work as part of a team, as well as work independently


Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with creating graphics, social media posts, and/or website content
  • Experience with (or willingness to learn) data collection
  • Experience with (or willingness to learn) Excel and ArcGIS


Physical Demands

There are no specific physical demands universal to the position, and the role of the Rhodes Student Associate can be modified to accommodate all students.