Physical Plant: Environmental Coordinator - Transportation RSA

Department and Code: Physical Plant - 963              

Immediate Supervisor: Tim Lucas     

Kronos Supervisor: Amy Radford

Office Location: Rhodes Bike Shop 

Phone Extension: 3870 

General Description of Position:


Coordinate tasks related to environmental activities and initiatives that are housed in the Rhodes College Bike Shop. Primary function is coordinating the operations of the Rhodes College Bike Program and Shop. Activities include bike repair, maintaining bike inventory, issuing bikes and assisting students in providing alternative on-campus transportation to help meet the environmental goals of the college.  Track bike usage data to monitor program effectiveness.  Additional functions include compilation of the College’s CO2 emissions data, helping with campus events related to sustainability (Earth day, welcome baskets, etc.), compiling information about energy usage on campus, and helping with other types of environmental information collection as needed. Assignments may also include working in the Recycle program, assisting with the administration of the Zipcar program, and other duties not related to sustainability.

Minimum Qualifications


Valid driver license

Preferred Qualifications


Mechanical aptitude to complete minor bike repairs

Physical Demands:


Ability to lift 25 pounds, sit for extended periods, and repetitive motion from repairing bikes.  Ability to work in the heat and cold from the weather.