Summer Employment - Media Archivist (Communications)

Supervisor: Justin McGregor (

Job Description: This position is focused on migrating the photo collection maintained by the Division of Marketing and Communications from the existing legacy system into the colleges Digital Assets Management system and, when appropriate, the college’s DLynx archive. The students will coordinate closely with the College Archives to ensure that all assets moved to the archives meet the College’s requirements for archive metadata.

Required Education:
Continuing student at Rhodes.

Required Qualifications:

Strong attention to detail.

Able to work independently. 

Familiarity with Mac and PC platforms.

Comfortable doing very repetitive tasks.

Ability to work during college business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


Preferred Qualifications: 
Experience with archiving and tagging digital content. 

Familiarity with DLynx, Flickr, or other similar asset management tools.

Physical Demands: 
Ability to work in front of a computer for extended periods.