Summer Employment - Mock Trial Assistant (Political Science)

Supervisor Anna Eldridge (
Job Description

The candidate hired for this position will be a summer replacement for the regular Mock Trial RSA position. The ideal candidate must be able to carry out work responsibilities with little to no direct supervision, be detail oriented, and meet deadlines. Candidate should be interested in assisting organization, travel planning, and budgeting/logisitics.

Job responsibilities will include but not be limited to organizing the trial room and equipment (including the storage closet), taking inventory of equipment and identifying what needs to be repaired and designing a way to better track equipment during the school year, tournament data entry, scanning, photocopying, retrieving/delivering materials from various on-campus locations, assisting professors with summer projects including researching details for a potential summer training camp, prepare and mail “thank you” dvd gift sets to donors, help prepare the budget and travel plan, assist with mock trial open Rhodes activities, and update the mock trial webpage and digital video library.

Required Education

Continuing student at Rhodes College.

Required Qualifications  
Preferred Qualifications

Must be available to work between 20 hours per week (times at the discretion of the student, but should be available during open Rhodes mock trial events). Must be proficient in the basics of Word and Excel. Ability to work alone with little or no supervision and follow directions closely.
Previous work experience on campus as office assistant is highly desirable. Preference will be given to mock trial students or students interested in political science or legal studies. Computer/technology skills beyond the basic are desirable.

Physical Demands

Must be able to stoop; reach and lift up to 30 lbs; potentially long periods of sitting as most work will be done at a computer. May be times where climbing on a step ladder would be required.