Summer Student Employment - Political Science Office Assistant #2

Supervisor Jackie Baker (
Job Description

The candidate hired for this position will assist with a variety of research projects for professors in the department and assist in covering the front office as needed. Projects may include capturing and editing video feed that is political in nature, spending time in the library or searching the internet for information as directed by the professors in the department. The ideal candidate must be able to carry out work responsibilities with little to no direct supervision, be detail oriented, and meet deadlines.

Job responsibilities will include but not be limited to research, capturing and editing video for research. Other duties may include scanning, photo copying and running department errands as part of assisting in the front office.

Position is part-time – 20 hrs. per week.

Candidate hired will answer directly to the professors in the department.

Required Education

Continuing student at Rhodes College.

Required Qualifications

Must be able to work alone with little or no supervision and follow directions closely; be proficient in the basics of Microsoft Word and Excel; and good working knowledge of the Rhodes Library data base system for research.

Preferred Qualifications

Knowledge with video editing software is highly desirable, or have the ability and desire to learn on your own.

Although not required, being a declared major in Political Science, Political Economy, or International Studies/Political Science is beneficial. Some computer/technology skills beyond the basic are desirable.

Physical Demands

May need to stoop; reach up; and lift up to 30 lbs.; potentially long periods of sitting as most work will be done at a computer. May be times where climbing on a step ladder would be required.