Summer Employment - Student Leadership Assistant

Supervisor Brittney Jackson (
Job Description

• Assist with planning of the S’MORES: Sophomore Retreat (June-August)
• Creating marketing strategies for leadership programming (June-August)
• Organizing files for the new allocations process (June-August)
• Helping with the promotion and curriculum for the Women’s Leadership Initiative (June-August)
• Coordinating the plans for the Event Planning Training in August 
• Assisting with plans for the Leaders without Borders: Leadership Trip 
• Strategizing marketing plans for the Power of Place program in the fall
• Contacting students for scheduling of leadership programs 
• Making copies of leadership assessments and creating files for those programs
• Helping to construct survey for the leadership campus assessment program
• Conducting research of leadership best practices

Required Education

Continuing student at Rhodes College.

Required Qualifications  
Preferred Qualifications

Familiar with Microsoft Office.

Physical Demands